June Building Update

We have very exciting updates about the rooftop of the Mayanot World Center. We have started construction on the roof, which means the building has been reinforced to the point where we can really begin to construct on the top level. The vision to create a rooftop garden, which features inspiring views overlooking Jerusalem, anContinue reading “June Building Update”

May Building Update

They say pictures are worth a thousand words so we thought we should show you in a photo journal, the recent progress of the Mayanot World Center. Safety Room Progress: Entrance Floor Progress: Plumbing For Sinks & Bathrooms: Notwithstanding the pandemic and its challenges, we are pushing forward and staying on schedule for our targetContinue reading “May Building Update”

March Building Update

The construction of the new Mayanot World Center is moving forward at an amazing pace. As of March 5th 2020, our team is working hard to install the electrical and plumbing infrastructure on all five floors of the building. The basement renovation is also moving forward successfully, preparing the infrastructure for the new commercial kitchen.Continue reading “March Building Update”

February Building Update

Our team is working hard to maximize efficiency as the project moves forward. As of mid-February, the walls for all four upper floors have been completed. We have begun to build the walls on the entrance floor level. View the video to see the latest updates: Introducing our amazing team: Entrance level progress: Basement LevelContinue reading “February Building Update”

January Building Update

UPDATES: We are excited to share the progress of the new Mayanot World Center, containing all the tremendous developments that have occurred within the last month.  Under the direction of the engineers, all the metal structural reinforcements on each of the floors has been installed successfully.  The walls on floors one and four have gone up. FloorsContinue reading “January Building Update”