Fire Security and Our Newest Installations

Since our last update, we have moved forward in several respects, working on the entrance floor and the upper floor furniture installation.

The security system, and sprinkler system have all been installed and tested. The beautiful outdoor windows are in, window bars put in, interior doors installed, closets are being put together, the toilets are ready for use, as well as the air conditioning and elevators.

Entrance way stairwell is beginning to come together. We are doing a stunning Jerusalem stone feature wall from basement to ceiling, over two floors. The pictures below show the initial process as the installation is currently happening.

Mayanot also made the executive decision, for safety reasons, to have on reserve a water cistern for the indoor water sprinklers. We are almost finished building this large structure on the back right outer side of the building. As safety has always been one of Mayanot’s number one priorities, we thought it was worth the extra time to ensure if ever there was a fire, G-d forbid, we will be able to react as quickly as possible.

We are excited to show you the pictures and video of the progress being made for our upcoming opening. For any questions please be in touch at:

Want to watch all the Building update video from initial construction to now, click here.

Classrooms, bedrooms and bathrooms student ready:

Closets delivered and built:

The entry way feature wall and stairway being built:

Building the water cistern for the fire safety system:

Both the front and back of the building being refreshed:

October Building Update

The blog has just celebrated it’s second year anniversary, sharing monthly updates and keeping you in the loop on all things building related. We are so glad we could include you in the process for the last two years and can’t wait to have you visit the Mayanot World Center in person, very soon.

As you all know, the Mayanot team has made amazing headway and we are so excited with what will soon b”zh be the end result of all of the hard work and all of your unwavering support.

Here is a recap below of how far we have come, as well as, the latest photos and video from all the advancements made in October.

  • main staircase fully installed and secured
  • flooring being prepared on the main floor
  • rooftop terrace leveling and tiling happening
  • basement kitchen space being prepared

September Building Update

The lobby staircase in the main entrance area is now being constructed, installed, and reinforced. The upper floors are close to completion. Our team is now focused on completing the commercial kitchen, basement dining hall and rooftop garden.

Stair Construction:

In Progress:


Upper Floors:

August Building Update

We have really pushed forward this month with the renovations for the Mayanot World Center and it is our pleasure to show you the amazing things have come together.

The stairway, hallways and dorm rooms are all completed. Crown molding are in, light fixtures have all been installed, painting on upper floors are complete. The elevator is also in the process of being installed, as well as, the rooftop flooring.

As the Hebrew month of Tishrei begins and the Jewish New Year begins anew, the coming year should be a year of revealed goodness with many blessings of sweetness and joy for all.

In process:

July Building Update

The summer is upon us and we are enjoying the warm weather here in Israel. Our team is continuing to install the much needed air conditioners, on all floors, closing up the ceiling with dry wall, painting all dorm rooms, and even installing the hanging shelving in over 50 rooms. The safety room electric is being finished and the outlets have already been put in. It is amazing to see everything coming together.

Enjoy the July photos and videos below.

The dorm room pictured after the shelving has gone up and the trial pieces have been chosen.

Basement progress:

June Building Update

Here are the updated photos and videos from our teams progress on the Mayanot World Center. The project is making real strides and we are happy to share the process.

Since all the electricity has been connected, our executive director, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov, did the honors of turning on the lights for the first time. He shared, “Mazal Tov, we have electricity at the Mayanot World Center, and we can’t wait for all the students who will ignite their spiritual electricity, their Judaism.”

As well he shared, “the doors are on, and this is the place that will not only open up the doors to the dorm rooms, but to our hearts, and our souls. To bring thousands of Jews around the world and connect them to their heritage, to their people and to their Land.”

May Building Update

These are not easy times here in Israel, but we are optimistic for the future and are pushing forward with the construction of the building.

The importance for a Center like Mayanot to provide us with what we need most, young Jewish educated leaders who can stand up for Israel, the Jewish People and our Judaism.

As always thank you for supporting our efforts to nurture a love for Torah, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel and make a lasting and sustainable impact.

We can’t wait to show you how the renovation of the New World Center is progressing, view the photos and video below.

Electric infrastructure units being delivered.

April Building Update

Our team is continuing to make major developments at the New Mayanot World Center this month. Checkout the video and images below.

Ceiling infrastructure being finished on all upper floors. Installation of the:

  • Lighting and electric;
  • Plumbing;
  • Cameras and internet;
  • Sprinkler system;
  • Air conditioning and heating system.

Entrance floor ceiling infrastructure being worked on:

Plastering the walls in preparation for the paint on all upper floors:

The basement, commercial kitchen space, moving to the next phase of construction from digging to reinforced concrete and waterproofing the walls.

We are looking forward to painting all the upper floors soon, covering up the ceiling wiring and pipes, installing the lights and working on the main floor entrance stairs!

See you next month, with a slew of new updates!

March Building Update

As Jewish thought leaders tackle issues of assimilation disenfranchisement, BDS and the shrinking Jewish population, it is clear that one of the bright lights of engagement is the incredible success of Birthright Israel. It is our intention to leverage this success by providing creative educational programs and immersive Israel experiences to ensure the future of the Jewish people. Birthright is ‘life changing’; our goal is to ensure that this’ life changing’ experience continues to create a community of proud Jews, who are leaders at their University campuses and home communities, at the forefront of battling BDS and defending Israel.

Our goal is to provide a cutting-edge Jewish educational center that will serve all Birthright Israel alumni and young adults. Not just a building and dormitory area, this Center will be a content provider partnering with organizations like Masa and Onward Israel, to provide meaningful and transformational experiences in Israel. We will be offering programs such as: internships and volunteer opportunities, Jewish learning workshops, and Israel advocacy seminars.

The progress we are making is amazing, we are in the process of completing:

  • Adding a protective stain and grouting the tiles on all upper floors;
  • The excavation of a 6m deep hole, through rock, for a large oil canister, as stipulated by the Health Department for the kitchen waste to drain separately;
  • The plumbing on the ground floor was completed and checked successfully;
  • Ventilation fans and infrastructure are being installed to improve air ventilation;
  • The sprinkler systems has been installed according to the Fire Department regulations, to ensure fire safety;
  • Three sample rooms are in the process of being painted;
  • Air conditioning units are being installed in every room on the four upper floors.

Check out the video and photos below:

February Building Update

The Mayanot World Center Building project is finishing the stage in which the mechanical bones of the renovation are complete. The walls are up, the plumbing, electric, and air ducts are all installed, the ceiling is ready and now we are beginning to install the flooring.

The team has been working, the last few weeks, cutting, laying and setting the tiles, as the area is quite large. The finished product will not only look wonderful, it will literally lay the ‘ground’ work for thousands of students to experience Israel, and connect with their heritage.

See below for the most recent video update and photos.

The Four stages of the flooring process include: First ensuring the base is cleaned off. Second, adding compressed sand. Third, adding gravel. Fourth, installing the tiles themselves. The tiles throughout the upper floors of the Mayanot World Center are cost-efficient, long lasting and very durable. They look like wood grain parquet, but they are actually tiles made out of strong porcelain ceramic, perfect for thousands of young feet walking all over them.