February Building Update

The Mayanot World Center Building project is finishing the stage in which the mechanical bones of the renovation are complete. The walls are up, the plumbing, electric, and air ducts are all installed, the ceiling is ready and now we are beginning to install the flooring.

The team has been working, the last few weeks, cutting, laying and setting the tiles, as the area is quite large. The finished product will not only look wonderful, it will literally lay the ‘ground’ work for thousands of students to experience Israel, and connect with their heritage.

See below for the most recent video update and photos.

The Four stages of the flooring process include: First ensuring the base is cleaned off. Second, adding compressed sand. Third, adding gravel. Fourth, installing the tiles themselves. The tiles throughout the upper floors of the Mayanot World Center are cost-efficient, long lasting and very durable. They look like wood grain parquet, but they are actually tiles made out of strong porcelain ceramic, perfect for thousands of young feet walking all over them.

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Empowering Young Jews Through Education: Mayanot was founded to cultivate an awareness of Jewish identity and a passion for the Jewish people by creating a Jewishly educated leadership.

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