March Building Update

As Jewish thought leaders tackle issues of assimilation disenfranchisement, BDS and the shrinking Jewish population, it is clear that one of the bright lights of engagement is the incredible success of Birthright Israel. It is our intention to leverage this success by providing creative educational programs and immersive Israel experiences to ensure the future of the Jewish people. Birthright is ‘life changing’; our goal is to ensure that this’ life changing’ experience continues to create a community of proud Jews, who are leaders at their University campuses and home communities, at the forefront of battling BDS and defending Israel.

Our goal is to provide a cutting-edge Jewish educational center that will serve all Birthright Israel alumni and young adults. Not just a building and dormitory area, this Center will be a content provider partnering with organizations like Masa and Onward Israel, to provide meaningful and transformational experiences in Israel. We will be offering programs such as: internships and volunteer opportunities, Jewish learning workshops, and Israel advocacy seminars.

The progress we are making is amazing, we are in the process of completing:

  • Adding a protective stain and grouting the tiles on all upper floors;
  • The excavation of a 6m deep hole, through rock, for a large oil canister, as stipulated by the Health Department for the kitchen waste to drain separately;
  • The plumbing on the ground floor was completed and checked successfully;
  • Ventilation fans and infrastructure are being installed to improve air ventilation;
  • The sprinkler systems has been installed according to the Fire Department regulations, to ensure fire safety;
  • Three sample rooms are in the process of being painted;
  • Air conditioning units are being installed in every room on the four upper floors.

Check out the video and photos below:

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Empowering Young Jews Through Education: Mayanot was founded to cultivate an awareness of Jewish identity and a passion for the Jewish people by creating a Jewishly educated leadership.

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