Main Floor Advancement Updates

The Mayanot World Center is an international campus for education and experiential learning in the heart of Israel’s capital. This center will be the foundation for building a new generation of leaders.

The magnificent entrance floor will feature the main Beit Midrash, the comprehensive library including computer stations and classrooms, the greeting area and executive offices, and a versatile outdoor patio space.

Our incredible team has made some amazing headway on the beautiful entrance floor this past month, with windows being opened to let in more light, to the feature wall being finished, and floors, walls and pillars being completed.

We are still working on the final touches of course, however we are excited to show you what has been happening in the building recently.

Hundred’s of closets and shelving units have been assembled and installed, just waiting for the many students, soon to inhabit the 200+ beds.

We have expanded the entrance area, adding more space for the reception and more area for the student lounge.

The beautiful and grand Beit Midrash, in the new Mayanot World Center, is really coming together. The Jerusalem style pillars are in keeping with the rich heritage of the city and the light will soon stream through the windows as they are enlarged, as well as, light streaming outward as the Torah learning begins from this ‘Zal‘.

The soon to be library and large seminar room is almost ready with lots of lighting, and beautiful Jerusalem stone.

Can’t wait to show you the next phase, coming soon, as always stay tuned!

Published by mayanotedu

Empowering Young Jews Through Education: Mayanot was founded to cultivate an awareness of Jewish identity and a passion for the Jewish people by creating a Jewishly educated leadership.

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