The Next Phase of Construction

The progress on the Mayanot World Center since our last update has been
immense and impressive. The upper floors of the new building have been
completed and are looking great, with modern and spacious facilities that will
enhance the learning experience for students.

In addition, major installations such as plumbing, electrical and heating systems have been completed, which will ensure that the building is fully equipped to meet the needs of the students and staff. The new building will have many dormitory rooms, classrooms, a large library, a study hall, a dining hall, an industrial kitchen space, and among other amenities, a mikveh and gym room. There will be a kitchen area on each floor for students to easily make themselves at home as well as a laundry room and program head office, for any needs the students might have.

The Mayanot Institute is a unique institution that provides a rich and immersive educational experience for Jewish students from around the world. The expanded facilities will be a platform for a plethora of programs, including Onward Israel, which will offer internships for a comprehensive Israel experience, including a lone soldier dorm and outreach projects, volunteer opportunities and short-term seminars.
The new Mayanot World Center project has been underway for some time, and the progress made so far is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the project team. The new building is set to be a state-of-the-art facility that will provide an unparalleled learning environment for students. It has come to be called, ‘The Gem of Jerusalem’ for all that see it.

Please come visit us soon for a tour!
For more information or interest in getting involved or partnering with us, please visit:

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Empowering Young Jews Through Education: Mayanot was founded to cultivate an awareness of Jewish identity and a passion for the Jewish people by creating a Jewishly educated leadership.

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