October Building Update

Since the lockdown was recently lifted, our team was able to get back to working hard on site. We resumed work and since then we have:

  • Drywalled the dorm rooms and hallway of floors 1, 2, 3, & 4;
  • Leveled the roof and cleaned up the area in preparation for the rooftop garden and event area;
  • Replaced the frame for the windows on the main floor and in the process of installing the new windows.

Check out the video of our teams first day back after the lockdown.

Progress Photos below:

September Building Update

September has been an exciting month for us at Mayanot, we’re buzzing with students, our online program has had hundreds of applicants and the High Holidays are almost upon us.

As well, our construction team is busy with the continued renovations for the new Mayanot World Center and we are excited to share the most recent updates with you. The walls of the building are being prepped for drywall and all corners have been reinforced. Digging and clearing out of the basement area where the industrial kitchen will be, has moved forward at a tremendous pace. The basement walls have gone up for our state of the art gym facility and we have begun working on the elevator shafts.

Here is a great time lapse to show you where we are up to on the lower level.

Photo Progress:

August Building Update

We are coming up on one year since beginning construction on the Mayanot World Center and marking this milestone with a special update and video announcement.

This months update is dedicated to revealing the planned view on each of the floors. Please enjoy the prototype renderings for the Mayanot Word Center, complements of our professional team, headed by architect Zvi Weinberger. Our video message is a special one, as it includes a wonderful announcement and comes directly from our founders: Dean, Rabbi Shlomo Gestetner and Executive Director, Rabbi Kasriel Shemtov.

Ground Floor Rendering:

This floor features a state of the art kosher kitchen facility, a large dining hall, and indoor mikvah, a fully equipped fitness facility, and a cutting edge seminar space.

Entrance floor:

The magnificent entrance floor will feature the Main Beit Midrash, the comprehensive library, including computer stations and classrooms, the greeting area and executive offices, and a versatile outdoor patio space.

Floor 1, 2, 3 & 4:

These floors include welcoming dormitory rooms and community restrooms, a beautiful lounge area for students, and multipurpose classrooms for educational seminars and workshops. This plan has been updated


The rooftop garden features inspiring views overlooking Jerusalem, an outdoor space for Israel environmental studies, an area to host large Shabbat meals and group events. Handicap and elevator accessible from every floor.

July Building Update

The renovations are continuing to unfold in the New Mayanot World Center. Our team is making many advancements; securing the plumbing and electric conduits on all levels, fortifying the door post on all levels, continuing to dig in the basement and create even more space for our students, all eight safety rooms are complete with concrete and reinforced floors and ceilings, as well as shower and bathroom mechanisms all installed and connected on floors one to four.

Please view the recent video of our team hard at work. and the photos that follow.

Progress Photos:

June Building Update

We have very exciting updates about the rooftop of the Mayanot World Center. We have started construction on the roof, which means the building has been reinforced to the point where we can really begin to construct on the top level.

The vision to create a rooftop garden, which features inspiring views overlooking Jerusalem, an outdoor space for Israel environmental studies, an area to host large Shabbat meals and group events, is well underway.

View the video progress here:

Our vision for the terrace roof top, where hundreds of students and Birthright Israel participants will enjoy Shabbat meals, overlooking Jerusalem.

Rooftop Progress Photos:

May Building Update

They say pictures are worth a thousand words so we thought we should show you in a photo journal, the recent progress of the Mayanot World Center.

Enjoy the monthly May video update, jam packed with new transformations.

Safety Room Progress:

Entrance Floor Progress:

Plumbing For Sinks & Bathrooms:

Notwithstanding the pandemic and its challenges, we are pushing forward and staying on schedule for our target dates. We’ve had a busy month in the building and our team has really come together to make it happen.

April Building Update

Since the Israeli Health Ministry has recently eased restrictions on individuals and businesses alike, Mayanot and our building team has been able to get back to advancing the construction on the new Mayanot World Center at a rapid pace.

The new installation of the basement plumbing is almost completed, as well as, the electric and plumbing groundwork on levels one, two, three, and four. You can find below a video with the basement progression and photos of our most recent building visit.

We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our teams safety moving forward. We wish everyone well during these challenging times and hope the progression of this project increases the optimism that when we can again travel freely, which we hope will be very soon, Mayanot will be ready for all the students that will again flock to Israel.

View April building updates

Basement Updates:

Ceiling restoration:

Plumbing installation on all floors:

The view from our roof, of all the construction now happening in Jerusalem. We are in very good company!

March Building Update

The construction of the new Mayanot World Center is moving forward at an amazing pace. As of March 5th 2020, our team is working hard to install the electrical and plumbing infrastructure on all five floors of the building. The basement renovation is also moving forward successfully, preparing the infrastructure for the new commercial kitchen.

Notwithstanding everything that is happening in the world currently, we are still moving forward with the building progress as safely as possible. Ensuring our team, workers and staff are all keeping to the health regulations, put out by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

We will continue to keep you up to date with the progress and the effects of Covid-19 on the project, which we all hope, with G-d’s help, will be limited, allowing us to stay on track with our timetable.

We are praying for the safety of all and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, when students can come rushing back to Israel and this Center will be ready and waiting for them!

May G-d bless you with health and blessings!

Watch the latest video update of the electric and plumbing installation.

Basement floor progress:

Entrance floor progress:

Floors 1 & 2 progress:

Floors 3 & 4 progress:

Safety room progress:

February Building Update

Our team is working hard to maximize efficiency as the project moves forward. As of mid-February, the walls for all four upper floors have been completed. We have begun to build the walls on the entrance floor level.

View the video to see the latest updates:

Introducing our amazing team:

Entrance level progress:

Basement Level Progress:

Safety Room Construction

Our team is building safety rooms on each floor of the building. Here are photos of the fourth floor construction, below.

Safe Rooms, also known as a “miklat” and popularly known as a mamad, is a reinforced security room required in all new buildings by Israeli law. It has reinforced concrete walls and ceilings, 20–30 cm thick floors, and airtight steel doors and windows.

Stages of construction: First the outside wood construction is assembled, second the metal beams are assembled and reinforced. Third, concrete is poured inside and fourth, the concrete walls are covered with drywall and made to look like a regular room.

January Building Update


We are excited to share the progress of the new Mayanot World Center, containing all the tremendous developments that have occurred within the last month. 

Under the direction of the engineers, all the metal structural reinforcements on each of the floors has been installed successfully. 

The walls on floors one and four have gone up. Floors two and three will be well underway by the end of the month. 

All room dividers are being built with concrete bricks, as is the norm in Israel. 
See below for photos of the recent progress, as the walls go up, and a short virtual video tour of the work being done. 

(Phase 1: Sectioning off Rooms)
(Phase 2: Prepping cement blocks for room construction)
(Phase 3: Finishing the walls, which will soon be dorm rooms, classrooms and student areas)

Check out the Virtual Tour on our Youtube Channel 
‘MayanotJerusalem’, by clicking HERE.